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Providing audio feedback for student assignments 2: Embed audio files in an MS Word document

In our last post we looked at providing audio feedback by creating an audio file and then uploading this as a response file for the student in Moodle. One issue with just providing an audio commentary is that students will not necessarily be able to follow which parts of their work you are talking about unless you use clear ‘signposting’ language for them.

One way to get around this problem is by actually embedding shorter sound clips into their assignments (in MS Word) in the appropriate places (as you would when you insert comments in Word to provide written feedback). You can either record the snippets of feedback as you go along (Insert > Object > Create New > Wave Sound) or embed an audio file that you have previously recorded (Insert > Object > Create from File). As ever, JISC Digital Media provide a useful guide on how to do this:

The screencast below also explains how to record and embed audio files in your Word documents.

Provide audio feedback by embedding audio files in a Word document