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Restricting access to final assignment until feedback has been completed

One of the regular questions we get asked is

How do I prevent students from submitting their final assignment until the course feedback has been completed?

This can be done using ‘Conditional Activities‘ [see Moodle 2.4 Docs here]

To do this, Completion Tracking must be enabled at site level, and activated at course level for any courses where you want to use it.

  1. Add your Feedback activity then in the settings scroll down to ‘Activity completion’.
    For ‘Completion tracking’ choose ‘Show activity as complete when conditions are met‘ then tick the two boxes for ‘Student must view this activity to complete it‘ and ‘View as completed if the feedback is submitted‘.


  2. Return to the course and add a Turnitin or regular assignment. In the ‘Restrict access’ settings choose the name of your feedback activity in the ‘Activity completion condition’ section, and choose ‘must be marked complete’.

    In the ‘Before activity can be accessed’ section choose ‘Show activity greyed-out, with restriction information


  3. Now when you return to the course you’ll see what the students will see. The assignment will be greyed-out and won’t be unlocked until the Feedback activity has been submitted.



Institutional Review praises Glyndŵr’s e-learning provision


Glyndŵr University’s Institutional Review took place in March 2013, and the report from the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) published earlier this month made special mention of our e-learning provision as a ‘feature of good practice’.

“The University makes good use of its strong and extensive expertise in the development and delivery of e-learning methods.”

The summary can be found on the QAA website.

This commendation is testament to the vision and expertise of Dr Stephen Bostock and Dr Clive Buckley and from the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Assessment, supported by Dave Mossford and Alicia Owen from IT Services.

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