Accessing the Moodle Gradebook, adding grade items and hiding grades

It’s that time of year when tutors and students are thinking about grades and feedback on graded activities such as quizzes and assignments. This week we’ve been looking at the gradebook on a Moodle course (find this via Settings > Course administration > grades), which is where the grades are stored and managed, and in this post we’ll look at accessing the Grader report, adding grade items, and hiding grades from students.

Grader report

By default, you will see the Grader report; you can use it to view and change grades (Turn editing on on the top right to make changes), as spaces are automatically generated when you add an assessed activity in a Moodle course.

Grader report

If you click on the student’s name it will take you to their profile, clicking on the name of an activity takes you to that activity, and if there is a magnifying glass icon next to the student’s grade, then clicking on it will take you to the student’s attempt for that activity.

Add a grade item

You can also add a grade item, as a way of giving a grade and some feedback for activities which have been completed outside of Moodle, for example an exam or a presentation. To add a grade item, choose Simple or Full view from under Categories and items on the dropdown menu on the top left, and use the Add grade item button. To enter the marks for a grade item you have created, go back to the Grader report and Turn editing on.

Hide grades from students

A question we’ve been asked a lot by tutors is how to hide grades from students. In Moodle, when you leave a grade and feedback for a students on an assignment, for example, the student receives an email to let them know. If you want to make sure that all students receive the grades at the same time, you might want to hide them until a specific date. To do this, choose Simple view from the dropdown menu. You can then either hide the grades for a particular assessment by using the eye icon next to it on in the Actions column; you would then have to remember to ‘unhide’ the item using the closed eye icon. Alternatively, to hide the grades until specific date and time, click on the Edit icon. gradeitemedit

Click on Show Advanced on the top right to display all of the options on the page. Enable Hidden until and choose the appropriate date and time before saving your changes.

By the way, for Turnitin assignments, you don’t need to do this. Just make sure you set the appropriate Post Date when you are setting up or updating the assignment.

In our next post we’ll look at using letters, scales and categories, and exporting grades.


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