Carrying out the Student Evaluation of Module (SEM) in Moodle

The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Assessment (CLTA) at Glyndŵr University have recently reminded staff that on many modules it will soon be time to carry out the mid-course Student Evaluation of Module (SEM). The usual option is to hand out hard copies of this questionnaire, made up of 18 multiple choice questions, with room for comments at the end. Guidance on getting the data from the questionnaire analysed is provided by the CLTA on their Moodle site, and for large cohorts tutors are able to send the hard copies for scanning using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).

However, an alternative is to use your Moodle site to carry out the survey. This will be particularly useful for those courses where modules are delivered entirely online. To add the questionnaire to your Moodle module, use Add an activity…Feedback. You can then click on the Templates tab to make use of the public templates we have created on the University’s Moodle site, available either in English or in Welsh. As students submit their responses you can see the collated data using the Analysis tab, from where it is also possible to export the results.

The CLTA stress that it is important to get a high response rate or the quantitative data collected will be meaningless. One advantage of setting up the activity in Moodle is that you can set it so that responses are anonymous, but at the same time keep track of who hasn’t submitted their answers. To do this, you would need to enable Student Tracking at the course level (under Settings > Edit Settings), and set the activity completion on the feedback activity so that it is ‘complete’ once the student has submitted their answers. You can then use the Activity completion report to pick out those students who haven’t responded and encourage them to do so.

The video tutorial below explains how to set up your Student Evaluation of Module on your Moodle site:


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