Access to Courses in Moodle 2

We are now encouraging staff at Glyndŵr to log in to our new Moodle 2 site, if you haven’t already done so. From September 4th the link ‘Log in to Moodle’ on the university home page will point to the new Moodle site, but until then staff need to use the URL: There will be a link on the front page of Moodle 2 pointing back to the old Moodle site, which will be available until at least December 2012.

Once you have logged in for the first time, then you will be assigned the appropriate access. The diagram below explains what you should see under the My Courses area, and also how your access will be assigned:

  • For the programme sites, staff support sites and student support sites, you will be given editing rights manually, by Alicia Owen or Dave Mosford in Web Services; if you cannot access the sites you need to, please contact us.
  • Access to module sites will be dependent on the data held in SITS by Student Data Services. If you are listed as a module leader, you will be given the ‘course leader’ role, which means you will be able to assign teacher access to other users, but you will not see this until 24 hours after logging in for the first time.
  • Students will have access to modules and programmes that they are enrolled on in SITS. If they cannot see your modules (24 hours after logging in for the first time) then they need to contact Student Data Services.

The video below demonstrates what you should expect to see:


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