HTML/ Text editor in Moodle 2

You see the text editor (also known as the ‘HTML editor’ or sometimes the ‘TinyMCE’) whenever you enter content into Moodle, for example, when you edit section headings, use a label to give an activity or resource a description, write quiz questions and answers, or edit the content of blocks. The text editor has many icons to assist you when entering content into Moodle, and many of the icons and functions available will be familiar to you if you use MS Word.

In Moodle 2 you will notice that some of the icons that were available in Moodle 1.9 have now disappeared (such as Find and Replace or Create Anchor). However, the new HTML editor is really  an improvement as you can now resize the editor and it’s very easy to embed images and other media. It’s also much easier to clean up text copied from elsewhere (something which could cause problems in Moodle 1.9 as copied text would at times import unnecessary HTML along with the copied text).

Resizing the text editor

To resize the text editor, click on and drag the bottom right-hand corner of the editor box.

You can also see the text editor as a full screen by clicking on the Toggle Full screen mode button.

Buttons on the text editor

The table below explains what icons and options available on the three rows of the text editor:

There are some great video tutorials produced by HRDNZ Moodle Partner as part of their  MoodleBites series on YouTube, which explain how the icons and options on the different rows of the editor work:

HRDNZ Moodle Partner Moodle Bites Moodle 2.0 HTML Editor – Row 1

HRDNZ Moodle Partner Moodle Bites Moodle 2.0 HTML Editor – Row 2

HRDNZ Moodle Partner Moodle Bites Moodle 2.0 HTML Editor – Row 3

Using the spellchecker

Finally, to use the spellchecker, click the Toggle spellchecker button. Any words spelled incorrectly will be underlined in red. Click on the underlined word to see a list of suggestions. You can choose one of these suggestions, or to choose to ignore them.


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