The Moodle Tool Guide – updated for Moodle 2

Nearly two years ago Joyce Seitzinger produced her fantastic Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers, which highlighted ease of use, and strengths and weaknesses in terms of pedagogy, for the tools within Moodle. The tools and her comments were colour-coded so it was easy to spot which tools would be most suitable for what you wanted to achieve, and they were also helpfully linked to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Seitzinger’s Guide has since been translated into at least twelve other languages by contributors around the world, and there is also a version for people who are colour-blind.

So, it’s great news that a Moodle 2 version of the Moodle Tool Guide has now been produced for Moodle 2, by Gavin Henrick, another active member of the Moodle community. The Moodle 2 version has taken into account how some of the resource modules have been renamed, such as the Folder and URL, has included new developments such as the book module, a plugin that allows you to create multiple webpages. We also see some of the improved activities, such as the workshop, ideal for integrating peer assessment into your course, and increasingly important, Moodle Mobile. We’ve embedded the link to Henrick’s slideshare version of the tool guide below, so that you can take a look yourselves:


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