Resources in Moodle 2: simplified menu and improved display options

resources menu

Resources are those files or links which the tutor on a course can add to support students’ learning. In Moodle 2 the Add a resource… menu has been simplified:

  • The Moodle 1.9 ‘Link to a file or web site‘, has been separated out into two options: File and URL (the renamed ‘web site’)
  • The new Folder option is roughly equivalent to the ‘Display a directory’ of 1.9.
  • The IMS content package remains the same.
  • The Label option is the same, although the HTML/Text editor has been improved.
  • The ‘Compose a text page’ and ‘Compose a web page’ of 1.9 have been amalgamated to the new option Page, which again is easier to set up and manage with the new HTML/Text editor.

The way to upload files and folders in Moodle 2 has also been simplified, and we’ll explain this in future posts.

When uploading files and URLs, there are now more options for how these should be displayed. When editing the settings, look for Options and then the Display drop-down menu. You can select the method that you want Moodle to use to display the resource:

  • Automatic – will make Moodle choose the best method for displaying the file.
  • Embed – this inserts a link to the file into a Moodle page (students will see the Navigation bar and course blocks, and a link to the file will appear at the top).
  • Force download (only for File) – this forces the file to be downloaded to the student’s computer (best for when you want the student to save the file for future use)
  • Open – this opens the file in your browser window (you need to use the back arrow to get back to Moodle)
  • In pop-up – this launches a new window on top of the Moodle page, containing a link to the file.

You can also make changes to the dimensions of any popup window (click on Show advanced if you cannot see these settings).


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