The Navigation block in Moodle 2

One of the nice new features in Moodle 2 is the Navigation block. This appears on every Moodle page and  is personalised, providing links to view other areas of the course, other courses you have access to, and to your profile. The items in the menu can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the ‘arrow heads’ to the left of them. It is a good idea to use this menu to navigate around your Moodle site, rather than using the ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons on your browser, so that you see the latest version of any page.

There is a useful YouTube video of how navigation works in Moodle 2 from Gavin Henrick:

Gavin Henrick: Moodle 2 Navigation Demonstration

The screenshot below explains some of the features of the Navigation block:


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