Interesting TEL seminars and workshops for Glyndŵr Staff

The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Assessment have just announced a series of staff development seminars and workshops. Of particular interest for those who already make use of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and online learning in their courses, as well as those who would like to do so in the future, will be the following sessions:

Using PowerPoint for engagement not boredom. Led by Peter Gossman and Denise Oram. Time and place: Monday 13 Feb 2012, 2-3pm, K101 Wrexham

PowerPoint can be a powerful teaching aid but it can also become deadly dull for students. Here are some tips and tricks for using it to engage students in your subject.

Designing your on-line or blended learning course – an overview. Led by Clive Buckley. Time and place: Monday, 27 February 2012 from 2.30 to 4pm. CIB108 Wrexham

This session will provide an overview of planning and design strategies for on-line or blended delivery. The session is for staff considering moving to an on-line or blended approach to teaching and those who wish to develop existing courses.

Conducting effective on-line discussions. Led by Clive Buckley. Time and place: Monday 5 March 2.30 – 4pm. CIB108 Wrexham

On-line discussions are an important aspect of many courses delivered wholly or partly on-line and can be used to good effect to compliment traditional face-to-face teaching. This session will explore strategies that will help you manage on-line discussions more effectively to the benefit of your students.

Essential Moderator Skills for On-line Forums. Led by Clive Buckley. Time and place: 12 March 2012 2.30- 4.00 pm, CIB108, Wrexham

In this session we explore some of the skills required by e-moderators to facilitate productive forum discussion. It is also an opportunity for colleagues to share their experiences of forum management and to contribute their own suggestions for running successful forums

Top Tools for Technology Enhanced Learning . Led by Clive Buckley. Time and place: 19 March 2.30-4.00 pm, CIB108 Wrexham

This workshop is for colleagues who wish to broaden their use of technologies in their teaching. A number of tools will be demonstrated and participants will have the opportunity to try out the technologies.

Using Turnitin originality reports to support academic writing. Led by Denise Oram. Time and place: Monday 26 March 2012, 2.30 – 4pm, CIB108 Wrexham

Marking and giving feedback electronically – Grademark and Word. Led by Stephen Bostock and Denise Oram. Time and place: Monday 23 April 2-3pm, Erddig, Wrexham

The Glyndŵr ‘roadmap’ for e-assessment envisages a progressive move to more electronic submission, marking of and feedback on coursework. There are both educational and efficiency advantages, as well as issues for staff. This workshop will look at the options of returning feedback to students electronically, however it is marked, and of marking student work on the screen, using either the features of MS Word or the specialist software Grademark.

Using voting technology for learner engagement. Led by Stephen Bostock. Time and place: Wednesday 16th May 2-3pm, room C18 Wrexham.

In large classes it becomes impossible to have useful interaction and feedback with many students, and the students that volunteer questions or answers are often not those that need to. Voting can support rapid feedback between the teacher and the whole class. Whether paper-based or electronic, the technology allows and requires all students to participate actively in the class, and they appreciate the opportunity.

For details of how to book on to these events, please visit the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Assessment Moodle site or check your staff e-mail.


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